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One  common  method  of  measuring  fuel  gas  is  to  use  a  positive  displacement  meter.  Measurement  standards  set  by organizations  such  as  the   American  Gas  Association  (AGA)  do  not  allow  this  measurement  type  for  fuel  gas,  but  the ease-­‐of-­‐use,  a  perceived  lack  of  difference  in  the   ownership,  and  the  low-­‐value  of  the  fuel  being  measured  are  often used  to  justify  the  use  of  PD  meters  for  gas  volumes.

While  positive  displacement  meters  are  quite  inexpensive  and  easy  to  use,  their  meter  readings  must  manually  be pressure  and  temperature   compensated  for  gas  services,  generally  using  monthly  average  pressure  and  temperature readings.

Potential  issues  of  using  positive  displacement  meters  in  gas  service:

  • If  pressure  and  temperature  compensation  is  not  calculated,  the  recorded  volume  will  generally  only  be  10%  to  20%  accurate,  as  the   combined  pressure  and  temperature  compensation  factor  is  typically  between  five  and  ten.
  • If  both  the  field  and  production  accountant  apply  corrections,  the  recorded  fuel  volumes  will  be  too  high.
  • If  a  record  is  not  kept  of  how  the  correction  factor  was  generated,  problems  can  occur  when  the  property  is  audited.

This  is  a  problem  that  is  unique  to  positive  displacement  meters  in  gas  service  because  PD  meters  are  designed  for  liquid  services  only.

How  FacilityStudio  provides  value  

Your  company  should  spot-­‐check  all  of  your  positive  displacement  meters’  pressure  and  temperature  compensations  where  they  are  installed  on  a   gas  stream  to  ensure  the  right  adjustments  are  being  made.  If  issues  emerge,  we  recommend  reviewing  all  of  your  gas  service  positive   displacement  meter  calculations.

The  image  below  represents  two  PD  meters  in  a  FacilityStudio  generated  measurement  schematic,  one  installed  on  a  gas  stream  and  one  installed   on  a  liquid  stream.  The  liquid  service  PD  meter  does  not  require  any  additional  adjustments  for  pressure  and  temperature.  Any  gas  service  PD   meter  will  require  the  pressure  and  temperature  of  the  gas  service  to  be  manually  calculated  because  PD  meters  do  not  automatically  calculate   these  values

The  raw  meter  reading  and  standard  condition  readings  are  stored  in  your  metering  system.  This  is  not  currently  stored  in  FacilityStudio.


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