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It  is  vitally  important  that  fuel  gas  sold  off  lease  is  reported  and  billed  out  as  a  sale  where  there  is  a  difference  in  the  working  interests  between  the   fuel  gas  providers  and  users.  Because  this  is  a  relatively  uncommon  event,  it  is  often  overlooked,  however  it  is  valuable  to  identify  such  events  as   they  present  a  substantial  revenue  opportunity

How FacilityStudio provides value

The  initial  Petrinex  load  into  FacilityStudio  displays  any  Gas  movement  to  third  party  facilities  where  fuel  gas  is  being reported  as  moving  to  the   third  party  facilities.

Companies  should  conduct  a  thorough  review  of  your  measurement  schematics  to  identify  lack  of  a  proper  third-­‐party facility  for  any  fuel  gas   movement  outside  of  the  well  it  was  produced.  This  could  be  costing  a  company  thousands  of dollars  per  month  because  they  are  giving  away  free   fuel  gas.

The  example  below  shows  fuel  gas  going  from  the  3-­‐14  well  to  Fred  Oil’s  9-­‐10;  however,  the  Fred  Oil  Battery  isn’t represented  in  the  measurement   schematic.  This  needs  to  be  looked  into  further.

In  contrast,  the  fuel  gas  moving  from  the  8-­‐15  well  to  13-­‐32  is  being  reported  in  Petrinex,  which  is  why  the  AB  BT 0122236  facility  appears  in  the   measurement  schematic.  Hopefully  an  invoice  to  ABC  for  the  fuel  gas  is  also  being issued.

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