GuildOne Inc. (“GuildOne” or the “Company”), announced today the appointment of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Chancellor for Academic Advancement and Professor, Eric Grimson, to the Company’s advisory board. Internationally recognized in the artificial intelligence community for his pioneering work on computer vision and machine learning, the Saskatchewan native has had a long and distinguished career in research and education at MIT. Professor Grimson is currently the Chancellor for Academic Advancement at MIT and was the principal Chancellor from 2011- 2014. He has taught computer science and conducted research at MIT since the 1980’s.

“We are honoured and excited that Professor Grimson has chosen to contribute his expertise to our current research,” said GuildOne principal James Graham. “He has decades of invaluable experience that we hope to learn from. We anticipate important developments will come from our collaboration. While GuildOne has goals of applying our areas of expertise to meet industry’s needs, our company, together with Professor Grimson, also plans to apply blockchain and machine learning to a greater social good by applying solutions to land titling.”

For more than two decades, GuildOne has been supplying advanced database solutions and business intelligence to the oil and gas industry. During the last two years, GuildOne has researched emerging technologies including blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Blockchain is the ledger system behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and it may revolutionize how business is conducted on the Internet. GuildOne is poised to be a pioneering technology company with the release of a commercial product using blockchain outside of the financial sector and cryptocurrency markets.

For further information on Professor Eric Grimson, view his biography.

At 9:30 am on February 14th, 2018, James Graham will be a keynote speaker at the Blockchain, IoT and Machine Learning in Oil & Gas Conference held in Calgary, Alberta, at Hotel Arts. Graham will be speaking about how blockchain, artificial intelligence and automation are empowering a digital transformation that is affecting a reorganizing principle for industry, government, academia and general society.

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