This action applies data from one or more data tables to an Excel template. The Excel template is pre-programmed using jXLS to display and format the data and is then attached to Synergy sequence containing this action. For information on how to create a jXLS template.

  • Field

  • Label

    A label to identify the action. This label appears under the Action name inside the Action box. If this field is left blank, the default value is “Untitled.”
  • Description

    A brief explanation of what this action does inside the sequence. This description appears as a tooltip when your cursor hovers over the Action box.
  • Fail Message

    A message that identifies potential issues that could happen with this action. This fail message will appear if the action fails when you try generating the sequence. If this field is left blank, the default error message built into the action appears.
  • Export Output File

    The path to save the resulting Excel file to.

    Caution: Do not fill this field out if this action is running on the server. Refer to Action Box Breakdown to learn if this action is running on the server or client. You can use a Write MIME Data action to write the Excel output to a file on the server file system. Example:

    • Without Tokens: C:\myDocuemnts\MyOutputFile.xls
    • Using Tokens: ${excelOutputFile}
  • Excel Template Path
    The file path to the Excel jXLS template file. This field or the Excel Template URL field must be specified. Example: C:\myDocuments\myDocTemplate.xls
  • Excel Template URL
    The relative URL to the Excel jXLS template file. This field or the Excel Template Path field must be specified. Example: Docs/Reports/MySequence/template.xls

    If you have attached an Excel document to your sequence, you can refer to the template by the name instead of the relative URL. Example: template.xls

  • Launch Type
    Specifies whether the file is automatically launched or if the user should be prompted to launch the file.
  • Sheet To Duplicate
    This field is used with the Worksheet Column field to specify which unique column to duplicate in the template. Worksheets are numbered from 1 to n where n is the number of worksheets in your template.
  • Worksheet Column
    The worksheet column name or number. This column is used to split the output into multiple worksheets. Each unique value in that column will create a new worksheet in the report output. The first worksheet in the template is used as the template for each of the created worksheets. If there are multiple tables involved, the first table containing the specified column will be used. Leave this field blank for the default behavior of creating one worksheet for every worksheet in the template.