This action generates a list of all the reports included in your Synergy report tree. The following column names appear in the report output for every report:

  • ID: Report ID found in the Property panel.
  • Version:The version number
  • Label: The report name
  • Type: If the report is a Application, Module, or Sequence.
  • Comment: The report description
  • Path: The report path in the Synergy tree
  • Web Path: The web path.
  • Key Type: The key(s) associated with the report. If a key is not required, this field will be blank.
  • Is Active: If the report is active
  • Keywords: The keywords associated with each report
  • Access: Who has access to the report
  • Last Modified By: The user who last modified the report
  • Last Modified Date: The last modified date of the report

  • Field

  • Label

    A label to identify the action. This label appears under the Action name inside the Action box. If this field is left blank, the default value is “Untitled.”
  • Description

    A brief explanation of what this action does inside the sequence. This description appears as a tooltip when your cursor hovers over the Action box.
  • Fail Message

    A message that identifies potential issues that could happen with this action. This fail message will appear if the action fails when you try generating the sequence. If this field is left blank, the default error message built into the action appears.