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Used to specify properties of a column like visible, editable, etc.

  • Field
  • Label
    The label to appear as the column header.
  • Column
    The column name or column index to associate with the editable table column.
  • Db Column
    The name of the database column this maps to. This is a required field if this column is editable.
  • Editable
    Select the check box to edit this column with updates going back to the database. If this column is editable, the other properties are required: Db Column, Table.
  • Editor
    The editor name must match an editor defined from the Name field in the Editors tab.
  • Insert
    If the Allow Adds check box is selected, the following section will specify the inserted values for the column. Only one of the attributes should be set.

    • Query: Specifies a query to run in order to obtain the value. Example: select SYSDATE from dual
    • Reference: References the name of another column whose value should be used for this column.
    • Sequence Name: Specifies a database sequence name to get the value from. Example: unique key is required
    • Value: Specifies a simple constant value.
  • Name
    The internal name of the column. Other properties (i.e. Table keys) can refer to this column by this name.
  • Nullable
    Used if the column is editable. Specifies whether a null value is valid.
  • Removable
    Select the check box if the user can remove this column. If this is not selected, it will always be in the table.
  • Renderer
    The optional name of a renderer to use. This name must match a renderer defined in the Renderers section.
  • Row Constant
    Check if you want this column to be populated with a constant value. The static value will override any editor value you have specified. Each time a value in a row is updated, this column will be updated with the value specified in Insert. Note: Reference values will not work in this case, only Query, Value, and Sequence.
  • Table
    The name of the table that this column belongs to. This name must match a table defined in the Tables section. This is a required field if this column is editable.
  • Type
    The optional data type of the column as a Java class name. Leave blank for default.
  • Viewable
    • Select to have this column viewable.
    • If not selected, the user will never see the column.
  • Visible
    • Select to have the column visible by default.
    • If not selected, the column can be selected from the Manage
  • Width
    (Optional) The width of the column in pixels. The default width is 0.
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