A set of editors available for use in editing column values. Click + to select one of the following: DB List Finder, Date, Number, Text, Multi Line Text, or Boolean.

  • Field

  • Cell Background Color

    The background color of the cell.
  • Cell Foreground Color

    The foreground color of the cell.
  • Font Info

    The font used to display table values.

    • Face:
    • Size: The font size.
    • Bold: Select to bold the font.
    • Italic: Select to italicize the font.
  • Justification
    How to line up the text within the table cell. Choose between Left, Center, and Right.
  • Name
    The internal name of the renderer. This is used in the renderer property of columns.
  • Format
    The format to display the number in. For number formats, refer to Additional Resources for more information. Example: MM/dd/yyyy.