Trust Through Transformation

Transform complex data from diverse systems into valuable information assets to enhance business performance.

Energy Block Exchange (EBX)

GuildOne launches the Energy Block Exchange (EBX) network, a blockchain business network for Oil and Gas companies.

Royalty Ledger

GuildOne’s Corda-based blockchain solution that brings trust, efficiency and security of distributed ledgers and smart contracts to Oil and Gas royalty transactions. 


Our Products

Adapting to Meet Clients’ Changing Needs

Along with the shifting technology landscape and fluctuating commodity prices, the business challenges of GuildOne’s clients are constantly evolving. To help clients stay efficient and prepare for future success, GuildOne is continually scanning the technology horizon for solutions that will meet their customers’ ever-changing needs.

Synergy Studio

Synergy Studio’s advanced data exploration techniques deliver a unified business view, allowing companies to make more informed business decisions.

Royalty Studio

Royalty Studio generates royalty revenue completeness by identifying and recovering missing royalty revenue, ensuring companies do not pay more royalties than required or receive less than owed.

Offset Studio

Offset Studio identifies oil and gas offset candidates by using land rights descriptions and public data to identify and manage offset opportunities.

Facility Studio

Facility Studio is a powerful and cost-effective hydrocarbon measurement schematic solution, transforming data into a digital view of extraction, processing and transport facilities.

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