Measurement schematic data, transformed.

More than just measurement schematic software.

Powered by GuildOne’s SynergyDNA technology, Facility Studio integrates and validates data from public internal systems transforming this disparate data into a truly digital representation of facilities. Facility Studio can automate changes through a tailored workflow, improving operational efficiency. Easy-to-read reports help you identify new information assets and optimize business performance, creating long-term, company-wide value.

Facility Studio has revolutionized the way measurement schematics are generated, maintained, used, and stored.

A powerful and cost-effective measurement solution.

Facility Studio provides meaningful value well beyond the core objectives of government regulations such as Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER) Directive 017 – Section 1.9, Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP), and BC Oil & Gas Commission’s (BCOGC) – Section 1.9. Through its ability to integrate with various data systems and automate components of schematic generation and maintenance, Facility Studio significantly  reduces manual effort and associated errors saving time and reducing rework costs.

  • Integration with public and internal data sources

    Integrate current business data across various systems, departments, and locations to generate measurement schematics. Extraction of data from public sources, such as Petrinex in Alberta and Saskatchewan, plays an important role in identifying gaps between company and government reported data, and building schematics efficiently. Extraction of data from various internal production, land, and asset management systems ensures that business specific data is made available for use in the generation of measurement schematics. Integrating with both public and internal data sources enables an accurate and current representation of facilities.

  • Embedded schematic validation process and audit trail

    An automated review and approval process is embedded to streamline business processes, facilitate collaboration and capture a complete audit trail. Powerful features include defined user roles, automated email change notifications to specified stakeholders, versioning to ensure the most current version is always displayed, and central storage to capture and provide access to all previous versions of a measurement schematic.

  • Detailed analytics for insight into facilities, and compliance

    Powered by GuildOne’s SynergyDNA technology, FacilityStudio can generate reports by leveraging measurement schematic data. Included are a variety of pre-built reports that assist in compliance efforts and provide valuable insight into facilities in areas such as cost recovery, asset management, delineation, schematic completion, and regulatory compliance. Compliance reports, which include a complete list of inventory, can be used to identify missing data that is required by government regulations such as the Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER) Directive 017 – Section 1.9, and BC Oil & Gas Commission’s (BCOGC) – Section 1.9. Customized reports can also be developed to meet specific business needs.

  • Monthly public data load for schematic accuracy and currency

    Embedded inside FacilityStudio is the functionality to update measurement schematics on a monthly or quarterly basis by performing a Petrinex load, thereby strengthening the currency and accuracy of your company’s schematics. This process captures new producing wells that are added and wells that are suspended. Most commonly, such audits are performed using a manual process and validating on an annual basis. With FacilityStudio, clients can be confident that schematics are updated on a monthly or quarterly basis.

  • Features for ease-of-use and streamlined schematic generation

    Built-in features enhance usability and streamline the process of building measurement schematics. Users can identify schematics containing a specific UWI, Battery Code, or other device tag by using the “Find Projects” function. This facilitates greater access to information, and efficiency as it expedites the process of searching for schematics comprised of specific data. Copy-and-paste features allow users to copy items from one project to another for faster schematic generation. Ability to store commonly used device and attribute packages, for personal use and use by others in different projects, prevents duplication of efforts. To strengthen regulatory compliance, an asterisk is added to mandatory attributes; if a mandatory attribute is left blank, it is flagged with the colour red until it is populated.

   The Bottom Line

Equipped with data integration capabilities, automated workflow functionality, and comprehensive reporting features, FacilityStudio elevates company-wide collaboration, improves operational efficiency, and ensures regulatory compliance.
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