The power to prevent resource depletion and asset depreciation.

Combat resource depletion and asset depreciation caused by offsetting production.

GuildOne has deployed offset solutions in the oil and gas industry for nearly a decade, evolving with changing industry and regulatory requirements to become what is now known as Offset Studio.

Offset Studio is equipped to handle the most complex scenarios, such as horizontal wells, and spacing and drilling density through the integration of new technology to better indentify and manage opportunities and optimize revenue potential.

Offset Studio presents an opportunity that should not be overlooked to solve business problems that cannot be ignored. 

A proven value solution.

Offset Studio identifies offset candidates and facilitates the analysis of land rights by using rights descriptions in conjunction with public data to calculate adjacent parcels of land, and then matching wells on adjacent parcels of land with rights from the land system to identify and manage offset opportunities.

Geospatial Technology

GIS and mapping accurately identify all relevant wells, including offset situations that are specific to horizontal wells, maximizing revenue opportunities.

Spacing and Drilling Density

Offset Studio accounts for well spacing and drilling density scenarios in different jurisdictions.

Track Revenue Opportunities

Automated workflow features manage the identification and collection of missing revenue from beginning to end, ensuring opportunities are captured.

   The Bottom Line

GuildOne's Offset Studio presents a significant, yet often overlooked opportunity to capitalize on the assets you already own.

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