Identify and collect entitled royalties.





Identify and Collect Royalty Revenue.

Royalty Studio equips your company with the tools and information required to find missing entitlements and facilitate the collection of owed royalties. By automatically integrating internal land and finance data, with external public data, Royalty Studio identifies what land is owned, which wells on that land are producing, and corresponding royalty payments that have been recieved and those that are missing. Information is diplayed in a comprehensive, easy-to-read form allowing users to quickly compare records in various systems, and identifty inconsistencies.
“Royalty Studio plays an important role in closing our data gaps. The traceability it provides ensures opportunities don’t stay lost.” Laura Allegro

Director, Business Process, TAQA North

Streamline the process of getting paid.

The embedded workflow engine effectively manages the process of identifying and collecting entitled royalties, by providing a consolidated view of progress and payment status. Each stage of the process is captured in one place, enabling collaboration and alignment between land and accounting to ensure all opportunities are identified and pursued. Features including role-based view/edit permissions, stakeholder notifications, and complete record keeping, make the royalty process transparent and each opportunity traceable.

Integrate land, finance, and public data

Access current data from internal and public sources to deliver well production and royalty data, ensuring all revenue opportunities are identified.

Consolidate royalty information

Transform your company’s royalty data into a consolidated view, enabling management to effectively monitor the progress and status of royalty activities.

Automate workflow for royalty collection

Effectively manage the identification and collection of royalties through collaboration, notifications to stake holders.

Analytics to monitor royalty opportunities

Generate detailed reports to track opportunities, and monitor ongoing receipt of payments to ensure revenue opportunities are not missed.

   The Bottom Line

Royalty Studio delivers proven business value. Achieve revenue completeness with Royalty Studio by accurately identifying and recovering missing royalty revenue, and mitigating such loss from occuring in the future.
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